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Front Office 3.2.2

Sign Employment Offer
Drug Test
Set up Open Dental log in
Set up Email
Website photo
Website bio
LiveChat account
Copy of Documents to Office Manager
Add to contact list
Add schedule to calendars
How to clock-in and log into Open Dental
How to use email account, personal emails and LiveChat
Check all emails and voicemails before Morning Huddle
Is front desk stocked for the day? If not, where do you find more supplies?
Make sure Front Office and Welcome Area is neat before patients scheduled to arrive
How to use the coffee machine and where to find supplies if beverage bar is low
Confirmation system - Emails, texts, calls
Appointment statuses, leaving notes in appointments and comm log
Greeting patients with a SMILE
Calling patients by their first name
How to use the phones, dial extensions, place a call on hold
How to use scanner/copier/fax
ASAP List: Look through the ASAP list and call patients who have indicated they would like to be
seen sooner. Leave comm log to indicate you tried to contact them.
Patient info in Family File - What information goes here?
Guarantor - Who is a guarantor on a Family and why?
Complete next day Exam Sheets
Scan Exam Sheets into Patient Images
Check appointments on the schedule for items needed or updates - Note and initial
How to Check Out patients
All providers in ledger are correct
Payment is collected accurately
Next appointment is scheduled correctly
Treatment Plans are saved and patient is aware of estimated out of pocket for scheduled appts
Appointment card is given if not done by clinician
If next appointment is not scheduled, follow-up is entered in Dental Intel
Payments allocated to correct provider in ledger
Ask for coupons - Input referral source
How to answer the phones, what is the greeting? What order does the phone call follow?
How to schedule appointments
How to cancel/reschedule appointments
Ask for reviews - Send tex through Podium
Email / upload x-rays
Refer a patient to a specialist
Insurance Breakdowns
What information to request from a patient
How to request a brekdown
How to communicate coverage to patient
How to enter insurance into family file
How to submit Pre-Auths
How to reactivate patients
Inactivating a patient
Financial Arrangements
Prepare and present treatment plans
Collect a payment and apply to account
Process Care Credit and SimplePay applications
Set-up 90-day same as cash (Hygeine only)
Process a Care Credit payment
Estimating patient portion if insurance used
Collect a prepayment for tx
Transfer credit balances between family members
Patient refund process
Insurance Plans
What insurances are we in-network with?
What types of insurance do we take? Don't take?
Create and mail patient bill/statement

Training Week 1

Week #13-4 Days
Welcome patients to the office and greet them with a smile. Call them by their first name.
Stand up to greet New Patients
Correct verbiage fo answering phone
Thank you for calling Dr C Family Dentistry. This is ____________, how may I help you?
Answer phone on 1st ring
1. Front Desk
2. NP Concierge
3. Tx Coordinator
4. Front Office Lead
Specific information needed while patient is on the phone
Name (First and Last), Phone, Address, etc.
Schedule a patient (how to and where)
Correct procedures, important appt notes, length of time
Add a New Patient to the system
Procedure time frames including cleaning programs
Check Emails
Respond within 1 hour
Before Morning Huddle, Lunch and End of Day
Check Voicemails
Call back within 1 hour
Explain Registration Forms to patients
Ask if they prefer and iPad or Pen/Paper for Forms
Check patient in
Track patient wait time in Welcome Area
Mark/change patient status in Open Dental
Arrived, Ready, In Room, etc.
Information needed from patient before they are seated
Consents, insurance, financials
Make exam sheets
Promotion offerings and dialogs
Look at a treatment plan
Dental Terminology - We don't expect you to know everythin right away
Understanding of handoffs
Understanding of Open Dental
Master File - Important info and numbers
Payments accepted
20% - 50% reservation downpayment on Dr's schedules
Scan documents in and save in correct places
Create Morning Huddle notes
Check Welcome Area throughout day to make sure it is clean
Call patients when they are late to appointments (10 minutes)
Confirm appointments
Use Comm Log
Follow Dr C Family Dentistry Systems
Speak positively to and about patients
Opening and Closing procedures

Training Week 2

Week #23-4 Days
Medical Clearance Forms for patients from Physician
When are they needed?
Checkout procedures
Verify recall is scheduled at checkout
Reschedule an appointment
Send an appointment to the Unscheduled List
Understand and enroll patient in financing options
Care Credit
90 days same as cash payment plan (hygiene
Review New Patient paperwork - what to give and collect
Enter Medical History
Review account - what to look for / at
Create a claim
Run a payment
Take payment over the phone
Review scheduling - where procedures go and time frames
Call in an Rx
Post payments to correct providers
Providers and treatment
Check if patient is current - x-rays, exam, etc.
Review tx plans - Where to find, how to read
Understand tx plans
When to move a patient on the schedule
Review when to call a late patient (10 minutes)
Rescheduling protocol
Care to Share Program
Where to find x-rays and how to send them

Training Week 3

Week #33-4 Days
Review tooth chart
What needs to be done?
What has been done?
Review treatment planning and presenting financials to patients
Clean up treatment plans
Delete procedures listed twice
Delete procedures patient opts out of and make sure it is added into the chart notes
Organize and prioritize tx plans
Locate insurance plan information
Call insurance to confirm eligability
Request a breakdown from insurance
Input insurance information into Open Dental
Recognize insurance subscriber and information needed from them
Guarantor of account
Problem-solve if patient does not know insurance info
Find important insurance notes
Understand breakdown
Understand secondary insurance
Difference between allowed Fee Schedule and Contracted Fee Schedule
UCR definition
Review Trojan and insurance websites
Create a pre-auth
Pull and review ASAP List
Transfer payments from providers
Understand a patient's ledger and reasoning for balance / credit
Where to look if patient has balance / credit
Schedule an appointment without asking if it is ok to put it there
Update patient information
Add treatment to schedule and account
Same-day add-ins
Change treatment in chart and send back to plan if not being completed
Schedule emergency treatment
What to do when someone calls for medications
Solve problems quickly without questions
Take it upon yourself t fill the schedule
Look at the chart notes
Where to see if a lab case has been created,sent and when it will come back
Continue learning things from week one and two and be able to heck them off

Training Week 4

Week #43-4 Days
Read an EOB and understand how to explain it to a patient
Access Dental Intel and TTI website
Sedation Protocol
Schedule and present a sedation (GA) appointment
Check patient ledgers ( split payment box,providers)
Split payments
Correct providers selected
Important financial notes
Look ahead at shedule and see forseable problems
Correct tx attached
Correct provider
Lab cases received
Move appts up in schedule to fill gaps
Educate patients on treatment and feel comfortable explaining treatment
Send statements
Add a brand new insuance plan
Continue learning things from previous weeks and be able to check them off.

Training – Advanced

Advanced3-4 Days
Credit aging list
Quarterly Letter
Refund at 6 months
Send claims
Create an NEA attachment
Log on and navigate through Dental Exhange
Send an insuance appeal
Post insurance checks that come into the office
Post EFT Payments from online
Insurance aging list on both Open Dental
Process a collections reqest
Scan checks into Express Deposit for bank

Check In

Opening Duties

  • Unlock front door, turn on Keurig, make sure front office is clean, turn on tv (if working)
  • Log in to computers, check emails/voicemails
  • Morning Celebrations
  • Count and log cash drawer
  • Generally prepare desk (get out exam sheets, check first appts)

Throughout Day

  • Check in patients
  • Confirm appts (I do just restorative) for next day and 2 days out after 8 am
  • Check in lab cases
  • Unpack and put away all supplies
  • Continually monitor inbox
  • While checking in pts, verify the exam sheet is correct and the correct procedures are added, submit claims
  • Take out mail/check mail
  • Clean out the follow up folder
  • Scan in invoices, shred docs⦁ Scan in invoices, shred docs
  • Manage Production/check asap list/ move appts up
  • Check appts 1 week out
    • Verify that medhx (annually), ICE, care credit preapproval, and SSB (every 6 months) are up to date.
    • Check for warranty/consents based on procedure
    • Missing info goes in to the appt note
  • Continually monitor the waiting area for cleanliness and stocking
  • Scan in and wipe exam sheets/ other docs as needed
  • Before closing create the exam sheets for the next day, attached necessary docs
  • Keep track of same day add in for end of day report


  • Make sure all docs are scanned in and wiped
  • Create the Morning Celebration for the next day
  • End of Day report and email out to all staff
  • Count and log cash drawer, then lock for the night
  • Clean lobby and stock front

Check Out

When the back office radio’s with a 2 minute warning, we get on and communicate that we will check for them and ask for any changes to their treatment (if they haven’t already said this). Go to Open Dental.

  • Click the patient they are asking about
  • Click the account button to the far right and see if they owe anything for the day. Once under account, this is located at the top in black under Pat Est Bal. Radio to the back accordingly.
  • Go back to appointments on top left. Right-click the patient’s name and press the letter O. This will pop-up a screen and show a green highlighted appointment for their future re-care. If absent radio to see if they want to schedule this.
  • Check that the treatment plans have been saved for that day. If not ask the back office to do so and label them.
  • Back office will drop off the exam sheet up front in the black filer, check-off in the blue check-out box that procedures were correctly posted, next appt. is scheduled and TX plans have been saved.
    File exam sheet to be scanned.

Nightly Checklist For Day Reports

  • At the end of the day AFTER all payments have been received, then we may pull the following reports.
  • In open dental reports pull, print and staple in order: 1. payments 2. adjustments 3. procedures and 4. write-offs
  • If there is any cash in the drawer for the day, put it in an envelope with the date and amount (this should match the payment amount in open dental).
  • If there are any checks in the drawer, put them in an envelope with the date and amount. This amount should match the payments amount in open dental.
  • In payconnect, go to the left-hand column and click end-of-day then click credit. On the screen an option to force end of day batch close will appear. Check the box and then click close batch right beneath that. Then you print the following screen, which will contain the credit card transactions for that day (these should match the payments report under credit cards). THIS
  • Open care credit website and in the left-hand column under reports, click credit card transactions and at the bottom click print. This report should match the payments amount in open dental.
  • PLEASE do not leave the cash unattended on the Drs’ desk. It must be handed to the doctor and initialed on the day sheet to be considered complete.

** Highlight the number on the payment sheets that correspond with each report (i.e. care credit, payconnect, cash and checks).
*** 3-6 are in order of how they should be stapled to the back of the payments report

Phone Etiquette (Primary Focus On Front Office)

The phone etiquette is not so much as script as a guideline. We want to be touching on all points but also don’t want to sound like a recording. We are known for having a personal touch, friendly staff, and excellent patient care. We should not be starting off the patient relationship with them feeling like they are just being put into an appointment slot to fill our schedule. For existing patients, reducing the cancellation rate helps us provide better care and keep the schedule full.

REMEMBER, Talk with a smile!

Phone Functions:

  • In the morning take phones off of do not disturb by pushing the DND button.
  • In the evening push the DND button to put the phones on do not disturb.
  • On the top right, please hold to place a call on hold. Press the right light on the right to re-enter the call.
  • Mute the handset by pressing the microphone with a slash. When this button is red, the patient cannot hear you. DO NOT use this without requesting to place the patient on hold as it will sound like dead air.
  • To transfer a call press “XFER,” type in the extension, press “DIAL.” Once the other party has answered, press “XFER.” You can now hang up, the number will no longer appear on the screen.

When Answering:
“Thank you for calling Dr. C Family Dentistry, this is “your name.” How can I help you?”

New Patient

  • Collect necessary information (pink sheet guideline).
    1. Name, DOB, phone number, areas of concern (AOC).
    2. Ask if the patient is interested in an exam and cleaning or an exam to address an area of concern.
  • Ask if insurance will be applied or if we will be billing insurance for the appointment.
    1. It is important to avoid asking, “Do you have insurance?” The reason for the distinction, we do not want to convey that we do not see patients without insurance, or that it is better to have insurance.
    2. Collect insurance information.
  • If possible schedule within 48 hrs.

Existing Patients

  • Patients should feel like we know them, check SSB and commlog to make a connection.
  • Cancelling/Rescheduling an appointment (How to Reduce)
    1. Do not offer to let the patient call back. Immediately offer a new spot. I they should still not want to reschedule tactics include:
      • “I would be happy to reschedule that appointment for you.” (The patient is less likely to call us back to reschedule if they cancel, so keeping them on the schedule is our best line of defense to losing touch.)
      • If a patient declines check the AOC portion for warranty information or lifetime whitening: “What can I do to help you keep this appointment to keep the warranty on that crown we did last year?”
      • Use the 2-2-2 method if patient should continue to decline: “Can I follow up with you in a couple of days once you have checked your schedule?”
      • Offer the ASAP list
    1. Scheduling Treatment
      • Check the saved treatment plans, referring first to the mandatory plans.

Confirmation and Other Outbound Calls

  • Confirming calls should have a sense of urgency
    1. WIP verbiage to let the patient know we cannot guarantee their spot if they do not confirm the night before. Currently letting patients know to call by 3pm the day before in the message.
    2. If patient wants to cancel/reschedule please see above. 2.b.

Remember, commlog all communications via phone!

Radio Etiquette


To eliminate clutter over the radios during office hours. When there is a lot of chatter over the radio it becomes much easier to incorrectly hear one another which could lead to misinformation.


What we will focus on is cutting down extra words. Use your tone of voice to convey words such as please or I’m sorry. Though they are nice, and it will feel rude at first, it just takes getting used to.


This is for everyone. We all use the radios all day working as a team and everyone needs to be on the same page.

  • Before talking, press and hold the button for 3 seconds. This will eliminate missing information and the need to for the missing information.
  • “Front office”, “Back office”, “Hygiene”, “name” are what we should be starting every new conversation with.
  • Respond with “Go ahead,” if no response in 30 seconds, try one more time. If no response after a second attempt, go up to the front as we are likely on phones.
  • 2-minute warning should be 2 minutes. Front office may not be able to check the account at that moment. Radio again after 30 seconds if no answer.
  • Do not interrupt conversations already in progress.
  • Tone of Voice IS IMPERATIVE- stress in anyone’s voice can come across as being passive aggressive & disassemble the vibe of the office
    Our Core Values are to put the patient first, have team work, and the radio is one of our best qualities for team work. The radio also most fragile element of teamwork due to how we communicate with each other via tone.
  • If there is a stressful situation going on, seek help from quarterback first if regarding patients waiting.
    • Second: We are all a team, if one person is stressed it could be a trickledown effect.
    • Ask for help (and when someone asks for help, we should not ever hear silence).
    • When team members are asking for help and you see your team mates are busy (who could actually answer the question, please be kind and radio that they are on the phone or with a patient & will answer as soon as possible. OR ask what they need and see if you can solve the problem for the person with the question. Silence is the worst when you actually need help 🙂
  • Side conversations are not to be on the radio- keep those for lunch or after work (not that we always have to be serious, but keeping focus on patients and keeping this office running
  • If your patient wants you to confirm something with their account and you feel it would be easiest to have another set of eyes for confirmation say, “I have read the account note, or I have read over their insurance coverage, just wanted to clarify this is correct.” This will help the front know that you are aware of how to find info, but they will also understand that we may only be radioing for “the patient’s” sake in confirmation!
  • Stepping out of the room to radio about the patient is 100% ok, especially if you don’t want the patient to know. This is preferred over walking up to front desk and asking question. Please step in to Dr’s office or into the lab to radio your message.
  • If possible, keep to the rule “7 words or less,” this will eliminate clutter


Checking Dr. appointments 2 weeks out

  • Make sure the appointments are scheduled correctly regarding treatment, time and provider.
  • Make sure pre-payment has been made at the time of appointment creation (call if not to collect)
  • Save or audit treatment plans making sure first that the fees have been updated in the account, especially important if insurance has recently been added or dropped.

Check NP FMX frequency

  • Change to bitewing and 2 PA if necessary

Manage and fill schedule to production

  • Check the ASAP list
  • Check Broken Appointments from the previous week
  • Commlog all contact with patients above

Audit all checkout appointments

  • Look at exam sheets and compare to the ledger
  • Make sure everything is scanned in
  • Make sure next appointment is scheduled
  • Make sure treatment plans and chart notes have been saved by back office

Oral med consults

  • Run the consult
  • Chart the consult
  • Make sure everything is scanned in and prepayment is taken

Attach discount plans to those patients that do not have insurance for 2 weeks out


  • Scan in card if the patient has it
  • Use resources to see if we already have that particular plan in our system (search for employer, group number, etc)
  • If we don’t, try looking in trojan under employer/group number
  • If it isn’t there either, create plan from scratch

Verify Insurance

  • Scan card in if the patient has it
  • Use online resources if it is verifiable online (see list)
  • If it isn’t, look on the back on the card for the customer service number
  • Call it, and get a breakdown. These can be written on green sheets found at front desk

Verifying Insurance A Week Out

  • Open Dentifi and go to appropriate day
  • If the eligibility says plan is outdated, get a new breakdown and update it in our system
  • If the patient is inactive, drop the insurance in their chart and call the patient to let them know they are showing inactive.
  • If the patient has a new plan, commlog info and then put it on the google doc or look it up if you have time
  • If the patient doesn’t answer, leave a voicemail and commlog that you did so. Then write in appointment notes that the plan is inactive so when we do confirmation calls they can let them know again

Input Insurance Payments

  • As payments come in, attach them to appropriate claims and scan in EOB for our records
  • Make sure claim is marked received

Insurance Appeals

  • If an insurance pays less than estimated, check the reason code
  • If it is for periodontal disease or crowns/bridges/implants it can almost always be appealed
  • Print out claim and highlight “remarks” write in “Voluntary appeal, needed info is attached”
  • Print out what information they need (this is usually X-rays, periodontal charting, intra-oral photos, extraction date, narrative, etc)
  • Send claim, needed information, and claim denial via snail mail

Income Transfers

  • Make sure account total is at “0” or negative by applying payments to appropriate providers

Patient Accounts Receivable

-run aging of A/R report

  • Go through list and make sure people with balances are in dental intel
  • Send statements to patients who have true balances
  • Make sure if the patient has a financial agreement or a valid balance there is a note in the fan fin urgent note stating why

Run Check Deposit

  • Grab checks out of drawer and calculate total up to 10,000
  • Count amount of checks
  • Log into Columbia bank deposit xpress and create batch
  • Close and approve, print out approval and put in safe with checks

Outstanding Claims Report

  • Pull outstanding claims report in open dental
  • Print out and cross off all federal regence claims (we have to wait until patients bring in their EOB’s to close these claims out, if anything call them and follow up if they got it in the mail
  • First thing I do is go to insurance websites and put in patients’ info to look and see if we got paid on the claim and missed it
  • Go to individual patient accounts and call insurance companies to find out why they haven’t paid
  • If the insurance needs more info, print out claim and send it with the needed information
  • If they paid, close out the claim and mark it as received

Dental Xchange

  • Open up dental xchange under front office tab
  • Click through “Claims with Validation errors” “duplicate claims” “rejected claims”
  • Click the reason code and fix whatever error pops up

Claim Attachments

  • Open Fast Attach
  • Click the claims that say NEED ATTENTION
  • Look on the left to see what they need as attachments (xrays, narratives, periochart, etc)
  • Attach whatever is needed by capturing screen shot
  • Click save and move onto the next one
  • When done with all of them, click send all

Recall / Reactivation System

Recall System

The recall system is designed to get patients that did not schedule their 6-month recall or have cancelled their cleaning appointments. This system is a 5-month process to try to get the patient scheduled, if after the 5 months the patient does not schedule they will then fall into the reactivation process. This timeline will give the step by step on how the recall process works and what the patients receives.

The first step in the recall process begins either a month after they have been seen and didn’t call to schedule or a week after they cancelled their appointment.

This is when a postcard with the hygiene picture will be sent out

  • Says please call to schedule your hygiene appointment
  • Tells them we miss seeing them in the office and that oral health is very important.

The second step in the recall process is a phone call with a voicemail.

  • This step happens a month after the postcard gets sent.
  • The voicemail left is “This is so and so calling regarding your appointment please give us a call back as soon as you can.”
  • If the patient answers, we try to get them scheduled or find out if they are going elsewhere.
  • This call gets documented in the recall list and in the patients comlog.

The third step in the recall process is a second phone call with a voicemail

  • This step happens a month after the first phone call has been made.
  • The voicemail that is left will be “this is so and so calling regarding your appointment please give us a call back as soon as you can.”
  • If the patient answers, we will get them in as soon as we can.
  • This call gets documented in the recall list and in the patients comlog.

A month after the second phone call has been made a letter goes out to the patient.

  • The letter states that it’s time for their check up and to give us a call to make an appointment.
  • Once this gets sent out this gets documented in the patients comlog and in the recall list.

The last attempt is the final phone call.

  • Again, the voicemail if needed is “This is so and so calling regarding your appointment please give us a call back as soon as you can.”
  • This gets documented into the comlog and recall list as final attempt. They will stay in the recall list for it is the same list as the reactivation list, but that process will start after a year of not being seen.

Reactivation System

The reactivation process happens a month after the final attempt of recall. These patients will not have been seen for about 13 months.

The first attempt in the reactivation process is sending an email to the patient.

  • The email will be a general email without any offers, advising that we haven’t seen the patient in over a year and miss them. (Working on getting a video created to help with the importance of coming back in and catching the patients eye)

The second attempt in the reactivation process will be sent a month after the email has gone out. This will be a personal letter with offers on it.

  •  If the patient schedules before the date on the letter they will get all four offers.
  • If they schedule after the date to schedule by on the letter they will be able to choose one of the offers.
  • For the patient to qualify to receive the letter they must be reliable on paying on their account and not having outstanding balances. They will also qualify if they don’t have a high miss/no show and cancellation rate.

A month after the letter has been sent and no word from the patient we will inactivate the patient.

Hygiene Confirmation

Overview & Purpose

Hygiene confirmations start at three weeks prior to the patient’s appointment. We do this far in advance to make sure we have done everything we can to make sure the patient doesn’t lose their appointment.

Three-week confirmation

  • Confirmation postcard gets sent
  • Write on the post card please call to confirm appointment
  • Mark appointment status as postcard sent

48 Hour Confirmation Call

  • Call patient 48 hours prior to patient’s appointment
  • If a message is left the message will be, Hello this is ( ) from Dr C Family Dentistry call to confirm your appointment for Wednesday November 1st at 2:00pm. Please call us by 3:00pm Tuesday to reserve your appointment, thank you and have a great day.
  • Mark appointment as appointment confirmed or if messaged left than left message.

Day Before Confirmation Call

  • Call 24 hours before patients appointment
  • If message is left the will be, Hello this is ( ) from Dr C Family Dentistry calling to confirm your appointment for Tuesday October 31st at 2:00pm, please give us a call by 3:00pm today to reserve your appointment, thank you and have a great day.
  • Mark appointment as confirmed or if messaged left than left message.


Recovery happens when the hygiene schedule has spots that can be filled.

  • Call patients that are scheduled a week out to come in earlier
  • Check ASAP list and call patients from there to come in earlier.
  • Call patients that cancelled the week prior to see if that day would work for them.

Recovery Methods for Front Office

Broken Appointment (within 24 hours)

  • Use positive reinforcements – If a patient cancels due to being sick or a death in the family send a Get Well Soon card or Sympathy card – If a patient cancels due to a work meeting or anything work related send a Thinking of You card.
  • All cards will be pre-printed with the staffs signatures that we can just pop in the mail quickly.  Who ever takes the call will send the card with a quick note handwritten on it.

Utilize the ASAP list and ask for help to fill the schedule.  It’s a team effort to get the schedule filled and everyone can help make phone calls.

  • If a patient called and cancels but does not reschedule they should be added to the ASAP list.
  • When there’s a hole in the schedule we can utilize this list first.

Repeat offenders, place on ASAP list and don’t pre-schedule.  

  • Let them know we can place them on the list and will give them a call when the schedule allows.
  • If more than two missed appt.’s or same day cancellations they will be placed on the list and no longer pre-scheduled until they can prove they are reliable.

Recovery (Additional)

  • Filling empty holes in todays schedule for the afternoon and tomorrow’s schedule starting with the morning.
  • Check patients already on hyg/restorative schedule around that time and see if they can do hyg /treatment same day, call and ask (ideally done before when doing confirmation calls)
  • “Hi Harry , i saw you are coming in this afternoon for your fillings and noticed you are due for a cleaning too , would you like us to do that for you at your appointment too so that you don’t have to come in twice?”

2. Start with ASAP lists

  • Asking every patient who is scheduling “If we have an opening come available sooner on the same day /time would you like us to call you?”

3. Next week’s schedule

  • Start with same day and time of day (perio maint appts and SRPs more likely to move)
  • When scheduling hyg book out 6 months plus 2 weeks to allow to come in sooner if called
  • When calling still check ins freq first

4. Fill schedule with NPs

  • If not enough time for a 1.5 hr appt then offer to do comp fmx pano to start and if we have time we can try and squeeze in a cleaning.  Or schedule comp fmx pano on Dr side and if time in hyg schedule do hyg after

5.  Call Broken Appt lists, Recall Lists and Unscheduled tx lists ( SRPs and sealants) ( maybe offer incentive for coming in today?)

Use It Or Lose It


This is a process we do at the end of each year. A way to have patients use all of their insurance benefits before they disappear and a chance to give the smile savers patients, who pay cash, a discount.


The process starts in September and goes through the end of December

  • Letters sent out in September will be $50 dollars off $500 dollars or more.
  • Letters sent out in Oct will be $75 dollars off of $750 or more
  • Letters sent out in November will be $100 dollars off of $1000 or more.
  • The Smile Savers letter will be sent out once in September and it will be $50 dollars off.

Printing Labels

  • We separate the insurance patients and the Smile Savers patients.
  • You will go under reports in Open Dental and click standard.
  • From there you will look under the Lists box and click Treatment Finder.
  • All patients with unscheduled treatment will appear.
  • You will then select all the patients with insurance and click label preview
  • The same will be done for Smile Savers patients.
  • Hit print and labels will print to be able to send out the letters

Internal Referrals

How to give referral:

  • Give card with our practice name and put the name of the person you’re giving it to on the line at the bottom and initial your name on the card above that.
  • **If in the office give them a card for a friend or family member without a name as they will add that but still include your initials at the top of the card.

When to offer a referral:

  • At check-in/check-out if a new patient or current patient says something positive about us
  • When they are checking out, ask if they know anyone looking for a dentist and explain the perks of referring new patients


  • “If you refer your daughter and we see her, you’ll get movie tickets and she will get $50 off of future treatment. Each additional person you refer that we see will earn you $50 each as a thank you for your trust in our team.”

What to do when you receive a referral card:

  • When the card is given to you, add the $50 to the account
  • The card must have the name of the referred, the referrer, the date of the referred’s 1st visit, the name of the employee to receive credit and then put into the folder on the wall next to Dr Ball’s desk from the individual who received it from the patient at initial check-in.


The Fishbowl process is a fun way to get bonus after a long day working together as a team. We get this bonus when the team makes that day’s production bonus.

  • When the production for the day has been met, the team members that worked that day will get to draw from the fishbowl. This happens when all patients are completely checked out for the day or the following morning.
  • The amount that gets drawn will be inputted under the team member’s name in the google document, Fishbowl 2.0. Either the Dr. or Kimberly will input this.
  • The members will get this bonus on payday.


We want to offer patients the best care that we possibly can at an affordable price but without losing value. We want to make sure we don’t “cheap” ourselves and not train the patients that they will always get discounts. Offering coupons without the patient asking is only taking away profit.

We will be offering 3 coupon offers to our New Patients.

$97.00 New Patient Special.

  • Only giving to patient’s who mention the special.
  • If they opt out of the $100 coupon.

$100.00 Np coupon for just insurance patients.

  • One $100.00 coupon per family.
  • Can transfer between family members
  • Can be used for fluoride and sealants

$25.00 LimEx, PA, PA+

  • Only for one specific area.
  • No $100 coupon unless patient has been seen for a CompEx, FMX, Pano, Cleaning following LimEx appointment.

Care To Share Monthly Gift Basket & Tracking

To increase internal referrals:

  • Monthly Gift Basket Drawing-Themed/Fun and Displayed somewhere in the office for patients to see.  $200 value and communication with Dr. Amy for esthetics.
  • Patient will have chance to win it with every referred patient that comes in.
  • The patient will still receive normal movie ticket/$50 per family ref credit but will also be entered to win the monthly gift basket.
  • A sign will be displayed by Gift Basket. “Have you heard about Care to Share? Ask us how you can win this gift basket.”
  • Employee who gave Care to Share cards will have a chance to win too! This gift will change monthly with themed basket.
  • Employee will win based on the amount of Care to Share cards that come back with new patients. GET READY FOR A GOLD STAR CHART! Keep it light and fun.
  • Care to Share cards will go to Dr. Ball as normal but back to me for Monthly Drawing and Tracking.


Dr. Josh Chocran

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